If your 4x4s destined to tow something that has a bit of weight (Boat/Camper/Caravan), installing an electric brake unit will be one of your top priorities.

Hayman Reece, Tekonsha then Red Arc will quickly become known to you. Today, I wanted to share my experience with the Red Arc Controller.

Let’s start with their most redeeming feature. Protecting your knees.

Sometimes it’s a real challenge to mount your electronic controller and it seems even harder with modern cars. You need to controls close enough to see, but far enough out of your way for it not to be an inconvenience.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve whacked this (soon to be removed) setup with my knees resulting in nothing but a stream of swear words

I’m pretty certain this is the main reason people pick Red Arcs over anything else — and I can understand why.

Look at the Red Arc install in the 100 series as a comparison.

Red Arcs come in with two main groups. Manual / user-controlled and multi-control – they call a ‘Tow Pro’.

The main difference between the two is the Tow Pros have both Inertia sensors which figure out how hard you are braking and apply the equivalent to the trailer and manual control.

The user-controlled versions just have the manual settings. This is what I’ve put in the 100 series, but I’d probably do the Tow Pro in the 200 when I replace it. Just because it does more towing.

Why did I choose the Red Arc?

I think the Tekonsha might have the edge when it comes to technical performance. I’ve used Prodigy P2s and P3s and they have never let me down. But it’s not that far ahead enough to tip over the clean installation of the Red Arc.

Even knowing I could do a better install of theTekonsha than what I showed in the 200 series (it was like that when we purchased it), that big unit still going to seem out of place. The Rec Arc sits perfectly accessible but hardly noticeable.

Red Arc’s have also never let me down.

If I were lugging around a 6 ton, four axle gooseneck behind a Chevy pickup then I would probably go the other way. What I’d never do is buy a cheap brand I’ve never heard of.

The Hayman. It’s pretty clear that they are just rebadging the Tekonsha or copying the Red Arc. I’d rather give my money directly to the people coming up with the ideas for the products than the ones that think they can just do a better job selling it.

Something to consider when Installing the Red Arc (or any other unit)

Unless you know what you’re doing with wiring or know someone who does (actually knows rather than says) I’d considering getting a pro to fit your system. Leaves a little less to chance when you’re lugging around a couple of ton behind you.

Happy towing and may the skin on your knees stay forever!