Call it a snatch strap, snatch em, recovery strap whatever you like.

Unless you travel alone, these giant elastic bands are going to be your most used get out of strife tool.

I’ve written before about my love affair with my ARB Snatch. When Alex from hit me up on Facebook to share his new offer to the snatch market, I was a little resistant. But being a person that always supports the startup ecosystem I decided to give it a chance.

Entering the 4×4 Accessory market is pretty tough. There’s a lot of big players, and it’s hard to get the word out unless you’ve got big piles of cash to throw around. Sadly most new stuff you see is cheap and crap sold by copycat importers looking to make a buck. It’s great to see a new brand arrive that cares a little more about the longevity and quality of their gear.

What guys like Alex, and need is for us to give them a chance.

I know most of us would agree that give us a good product, and we’ll help you get the word out. I reckon they’ve made a pretty good start.

… and just to be clear I’m in no way connected to them and while they sent me the strap, not a dime has ever changed hands.

So let us get to the Snatch!

Buying the thing…


When you hit their websites, it’s pretty clear what they are about. It’s not hard to find their straps and all the extra information you need. Their site works on a mobile phone, so that’s a bonus and the drumroll starts when you see that wonderful free shipping text.

Ahhh the Internet and free shipping.

There were no drama’s during checkout, and you can pay either by credit card or PayPal. The site ticks all the boxes when buying online.

What’s a little hidden but worth checking out are some care tips. These will help you maintain a good long-term relationship with your goto recovery device.

What impressed me the most was the communication during shipping. I got a bunch of emails from AusPost every step of the way.  It’s something few online retailers do well and a good reminder that this new company care about its customers and how they feel. Bonus points there.

The Snatch Arrives

Two days later the snatch arrived, and the unboxing commenced. As I’ve got two big Landcruiser I went for the bigger 12,000kgs strap, the green one. Oh is she green! Poking around in the box I also came across some stickers. I do love my offroad stickers then finally the paperwork for the strap.

The little handout that comes with the straps is well designed, well written and professionally produced. A stark contrast to the instructions I got with my Tigerz11 Roof Rack!  As I already know about straps, it was a little lost on me, but great for the first time snatch owner.


I know this is small stuff, but it’s often overlooked by bargain basement operations. More little signs you’re dealing with a company of with some more esteem than normal.

Before putting the snatch to the real test behind a big heavy Landcruiser what’s noticeable is the width and thickness of the strap. Even put next to an ARB strap, my baby, it goes toe-to-toe.


One thing I’d like to see is.

I know all the straps are color coded to help you remember what the capacity but there is no way I’m going to remember what color goes to what for every brand.  Just like the d-shackles you’ll use with the strap, I’d like to see them tagged somehow with the capacity on the strap. In a way that will stand the test of time.

What would be better is if all brands got onboard with this. No matter what strap I was using if I was ever in doubt of the capacity, then I can just read the tag. I can live in hope.

Putting it to the test…


It was now time to put the strap to the test, so we took the 79 series and Maverick and gave it a run. Like you’d expect, being brand new and a decent quality the strap it bounced us out like I expected it would. No mess, no fuss. Well, a little bit of a mess as it was a muddy day.

The ultimate verdict for these straps.

For the $100 odd bucks delivered to your door for the bigger 12,000kgs strap having held it in my hand and flicked out a loaded maverick your going to struggle to go wrong. What is going to be the ultimate decision on these straps is going to come down to one word… time.

And this is in a couple of ways. First in the construction and material. Will it deal the ongoing rigors of off-roading? Second, it’s the elastics and how long will the rubber band effect keep bouncing me out of bog holes.

With it’s new home in the 79 series its going to be tested and I’ll be sure to post back here and let you know.

Comparing it to other straps.

I’m always loathed do this. While right now you’re going to struggle another strap for $100 with this sort of capacity and quality of construction, we’re talking little differences.  And as I’ve mentioned it’s how long that’s going to matter even more so than right now.

Those ‘let’s put them to the test’ tests you see in print mags are also the worse things to read or influence the decision on what you should buy. Think about it, they get one brand of strap, test it, get another brand test it. They then compare the results like these two straps represent with complete accuracy every other strap the company has made. Good magazine fodder, bad test. They have zero credibility and are they to entertain you only.

Would I recommend the strap?

Absolutely! The strap is currently holding its place as the most relied on recovery tool in the 79 series kit.  I look forward to more of what they have to offer us offroaders in the future.

Well done Alex and the team.

Hulk 4X4 Snatch Strap

Hulk 4X4 Snatch Strap








  • Green - you won't miss it!
  • Looks well built
  • Good to deal with


  • Time will tell