10 years ago as a young 4X4 enthusiast I remember the enjoyment of flicking through the latest 4×4 magazine or catching the latest DVD or video. Absorbing every word and sound with a ton of enthusiasm but perhaps as much naivety too.

What I’ve realised is that the publications I held so dear have become nothing more than expensive advertorials.  Where cash doesn’t only buy false praise it also ensures true experiences and opinions fall silent in fear of commercial consequences.

… and we suffer because of it.

I found that the only way to get a real opinion or personal experience with a true off-road enthusiast, you know, those if us who do this for fun and not money was to hang out in some of the great forums that have sprung up.

So I’ve created 4X4 Fever to change that.

I want this to be place where real off-roaders share their experiences, their opinions, their passion for the better of the community not a bank balance.  I realise that I don’t know everything and cant do it all — that’s why I’d love you to help contribute to 4×4 Fever.

I’d love to see contributors.

  • Sharing their own experience with a product (good or bad)
  • Sharing their trip and track reports from all over the world
  • Sharing how you do stuff – Mods, builds, tech tips
  • Sharing any news you think its important to the 4X4 community

What I’ll promise to you.

  • I will never EVER stop you writing something because it will negatively impact an advertiser
  • I will never stop you sharing your opinion because I might not align with my own
  • I will never take credit for your work

All I ask is that we remain respectful to others – understanding that we always won’t think the same way and that’s okay and that you clearly disclose your commercial interests.

We’re new, so I can’t pay you yet.

This is a brand new site, and I can’t pay contributors yet. In some ways I’d prefer contributors doing so for the love more than the money, but if advertisers do come on board, all contributors will get a slice.

How do I contribute?

Let me take all the technical challenges out of it. You  just send me what you want published to shaynetilley@gmail.com and I’ll put it up.  Be sure to include any photo’s you want included (i’ll blank out number plates).

If you’d like to be an ongoing contributor then I can set you up and show you how it all works.  But we’ll get your first post out the way first.

Whilst I’ll always be thankful — it’s the the off-roading community that will truly benefit.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to what you have to share.

Who the F#@K am I?

Professionally you can find me here shaynetilley.com, I live in the Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia and love getting off-road when I can.  I own a standard 100 series cruiser that I like to beat up, and a 200 series VX landcruiser that I’m a little more cautious with.  I’ve owned Jeeps, Patrols, Hilux’s and an old 60 series with a 350 chev.  I learned to drive a manual in an old landcruiser and have hit just about every corner of Australia as a driver or passenger.  I have zero commercial interest in the off-road industry other than this site.