It’s almost fathers day and if you have the kind of dad that loves you, almost as much as his 4×4… (I’m joking he does love you more) there’s gifts and there’s AWESOME 4X4 gifts.

So what do you buy the dad that has a un-explainable attachment to all things off the beaten track. Here’s a few to show how much you really love your dad!

Tyre Deflators

The purpose of these little gems is to be able to lower the pressure in all tyres at once to a set PSI. If your Dad doesn’t own some then this is a great gift, even if he does, he won’t be upset with having a couple 🙂


Staun Tyre Deflators – $90

Pressure Gauge

Whilst where on the whole tyre pressure thing, another handy item is a pressure gauge. They are small an inexpensive but handy to have around and 2 is always better than one.291389-thumb

XTM-4WD-Tyre-Gauge-2-in-1 – $29


If your dads been really good … or you’ve been really bad then a brand new compressor might be the ticket. I would avoid the no-name brands and head to your more reputable ARB/Opposite Lock/ TJM dealer if you don’t know exactly what your dad wants.


TJM Portable Compressor

Subscription to a 4×4 magazine.

Whilst my opinion on 4×4 magazines isn’t great, many Dads love them. Hooking your dad up a 12 month subscription to his favourite off-road mag is sure to bring a smile to his face.


4X4 Australia Subscription – $80

LED torch

This is what I’d call your can’t-go-wrong gift for a 4×4 loving Dad. It doesn’t matter what shape or size or brand you get – he’ll find a good use for it. As a tip, a smaller but higher quality LED torch will serve him much better than a big cheap one.

ARB 4×4 Rechargeable LED Adventure Light

New recovery bag

A good solid bag for your dad to keep all his recovery gear will ensure he thinks of you every time he gets bogged… not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. If he already owns a recovery bag chances are good it’s dirty, ripped and begging to be replaced! ARB has em… $$$ and so does ebay not so many $$$.


Tuff Gear Recovery Bag – $20


A New Snatch Strap

Have I don’t you how much I love my ARB snatch? Chances are your Dad would love one too! It doesn’t need to be an ARB one, but a brand new snatch is almost as much a sure fire hit as the LED torch.

ARB0906_Products-00002ARB Snatch Strap

A Camp Chair

This is perhaps a bit risky and us boys can get pretty attached to the camp chairs we’ve already worn an ass groove in. But if you know your Dad busted his chair on his last trip, then a new chain (or a voucher to buy a new one) might hit the sweet spot.


Coleman Bigfoot Chair – $159

A Cooker

You hopefully will know if your dad loves to cook with gas or good with fire. If it’s gas a new quality burned is a great choice, or if the fire is where the magic happen, something like this will be loved for years to come.


Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Gas Stove with Griddle – $299


Campfire Cooking Combo

Recovery kit

This is a super cool give for the new off-roader. Chances are he is beg /borrowing/stealing his mates recovery gear and not feeling great about it. A recovery kit could change that!


TJM Recovery Kit – $330 ish

Solar Panels

These a little bit to know when it comes to solar panels including what type and how big. If you’ve paid attention and know what your dad is after then this would be a huge gift to get him. If you don’t, the chances of getting the wrong thing are pretty high.


80W Portable Fold-Up Solar Panel – $299

Reversing Camera

Some of the newer and fancier off-roaders already have this, but aftermarket reverse cameras are becoming cheaper and cheaper. I personally like the ones that replace your rear-vision mirror. Head into your local autobahn, repco, supercheap to see what they’ve got.


Gator 4.3″ Wireless Rear View Mirror + Camera System

Battery pack

Some extra power in the form of a battery back will never be frowned upon by a serious off-roader. They are getting very fancy these days too!


KickAss Battery Packs – $150 to lots!

Jump Stater Kit

Even if it never comes out of the shed, a good jump stater kit is a great way to be helpful for your dad right when he needs it. Just like he probably was for you when you were growing up.


6-in-1 Jump Starter Power Station – $179


If your dad hasn’t purchased his CB the the last 12 months then chances are he only has a 40 channel one. They’re 80 channel now and your dad probably can’t justify upgrading himself, but if you gave it to him as a gift, we’ll that would be awesome! There are lots of different shapes and sizes and prices to best to take someone who knows what they are looking at


Uniden 80 Channel UHF – $150 to lots!

So there’s some options for your dad this fathers day.

And mum… if he’s been a really good dad you could always let him by those, spotties, lockers, lift kit, big muddies, winch or even that new fouby he’s being eyeing off.

… but socks and jocks are equally as good.

If you have any more Fathers Day ideas let us know!